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Monday, January 27, 2020

City of Crystal Lake Planning & Zoning Commission met November 6

By Michael Abella | Jan 16, 2020

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City of Crystal Lake Planning & Zoning Commission met Nov. 6.

Here is the minutes provided by the commission:

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Greenman at 7:30 p.m. On roll call, members Esposito, Goss, Jouron, Philpot, Skluzacek, and Greenman were present. Mr. Hayden was absent.

Katie Cowlin, Assistant City Planner, was present from Staff.

Mr. Greenman asked those in attendance to rise to say the Pledge of Allegiance. He led those in attendance in the Pledge.

Mr. Greenman stated that this meeting was being televised now, as well as, recorded for future playback on the City’s cable station. He added to please use the sign in sheets in the rear of the Chambers and he will call the names from the list for anyone who wishes to speak.


Mr. Goss moved to approve the minutes from the October 16, 2019 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting as presented. Mr. Esposito seconded the motion. On roll call, members Esposito, Goss, Philpot, Skluzacek, and Greenman voted aye. Mr. Jouron abstained. Motion passed.


The petitioner is requesting to be continued to the December 4, 2019 PZC meeting.

Mr. Jouron moved to continued PLN-2019-064 1153 North Shore Drive to the December 4, 2019 PZC meeting. Mr. Goss seconded the motion. On voice vote, all members voted aye. Motion passed.

2019-159 EBK STUDIO – 382 W Virginia St – PUBLIC HEARING 

Special Use Permit to allow a tattoo parlor for permanent makeup.

Mr. Greenman stated the sign has been posted. He said the surrounding property owners were notified and the Certificate of Publication was in the file. Mr. Greenman waived the reading of the legal notice without objection.

Mark Saladin, attorney, Elizabeth Klecka, petitioner, were present to represent the petition. Mr. Saladin said they are requesting a Special Use Permit. The unit is in the office building next to the Chop House and in the rear of the building. The property is currently zoned “B-2PUD”. He said the procedure that will be provided is called microblading, which is considered a type of tattooing and requires a Special Use Permit. There will be plenty of parking on-site. The business is by appointment only and the procedure does take some time.

Ms. Klecka explained what the microblading procedure is and she will focus on to eyebrows. It is a permanent cosmetic and only to the eyebrows. The hours of operation will be Tuesday through Saturday with some Sunday appointments. There will not be more than three clients in a day. Each procedure takes about three hours and on a good day, she may see three clients. She added that there will not be any overlapping appointments. Ms. Klecka said she is required to have a license with the City and once she has the proper permits from the City, the State requires an inspection of the space. She said the owners of the property agreed with the changes that will need to be made to the space.

There was no one in the public who wished to comment on this request. The public portion was closed at this time.

Mr. Goss asked as people age, do they change the color of the brows. Ms. Klecka said she typically use the hair color. Mr. Goss said this request meets the Findings of Fact.

Mr. Skluzacek asked if there will be any other tattooing done. Ms. Klecka said there will not be any body art, only permanent cosmetics. She is not trained on other areas such as lips or eye liners. Mr. Skluzacek asked if the door to the space will be open for walk-ins. Ms. Klecka said the door will be locked when she is with a client and there will be a sign on door directing people to her website to make an appointment.

Mr. Esposito said he knows of people who wanted to have this done several years ago. Ms. Klecka she had issues of her own and there was no one in Crystal Lake who does this procedure.

Mr. Philpot asked if clients come back for touchups. Ms. Klecka said typically the process fades faster with oilier skin. She also will offer removal services.

Mr. Jouron asked what is done to the existing eyebrow. Ms. Klecka explained the process. Mr. Jouron asked if men and/or women have this done. Ms. Klecka said both. Mr. Jouron wished her good luck with her new business.

Mr. Greenman asked if this Special Use Permit for tattooing will cover this request. Ms. Cowlin said the approval is for a tattoo establishment and in the description the microblading procedure will be called out specifically. Mr. Greenman asked if this approval will allow the petitioner to do what she wants to do. Ms. Cowlin said yes.

Mr. Greenman asked if there is a washroom available. Ms. Klecka said there is one available in the building. Mr. Greenman asked if the petitioner would expand her business in the future to include another technician. Ms. Klecka said that is a possibility and there are other suites available in the building that she could expand into the future. Mr. Greenman said he was thinking about the future and wanted to be sure the petitioner could expand. Ms. Cowlin said that would not be an issue. Mr. Greenman said we can use this service in Crystal Lake and wished Ms. Klecka the best of success in Crystal Lake.

Mr. Saladin reviewed the Findings of Fact in the staff report and believes they are all met. They are requesting a positive recommendation from the Commissioners.

Mr. Greenman asked if there are any concerns with the conditions listed in the Staff Report. Mr. Saladin said they are okay with the conditions.

Mr. Goss moved to approve the Special Use Permit to allow a tattoo parlor for permanent makeup at 382 W. Virginia Street with the following conditions:

1. Approved plans, reflecting staff and advisory board recommendations, as approved by the City Council:

A. Application (Elizabeth Klecka, received 10/17/19)

B. Floor Plan (Elizabeth Klecka, received 10/17/19)

2. A license for a tattoo parlor is required. The petitioner must comply with the Tattoo Applicant License requirements.

3. The petitioner shall address all of the review comments and requirements of the Community Development Department.

Mr. Jouron seconded the motion. On roll call, all members voted aye. Motion passed.

Mr. Goss stated this meets the Findings of Fact.


Ms. Cowlin discussed the items that were reviewed by the City Council and the items that will possibly be on the agenda for the December 4, 2019 meeting.


There were no comments from the Commissioners.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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