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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Village of Mccullom Lake Village Board met November 26

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jan 20, 2020

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Village of Mccullom Lake Village Board met Nov. 26.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

President Shepit called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: By the Village Clerk, Sherri L. Messina

Present: President Shepit, Attorney Shaw, Trustees Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter.

Absent: Trustee Mazurek

Minutes: Trustee Bogacz made a motion to approve the minutes with Nancy’s corrections and she wants it noted in the new minutes on how well the Clerk detailed the minutes because of the sensitivity of the meeting discussion and that is was very well put and detailed and she did an excellent job; seconded by Trustee Matthesius. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor, motion carried.

Bills: Trustee Matthesius made a motion to pay the bills; seconded by Trustee Given. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor, motion carried.

Attorney: Attorney Shaw would like to suggest maybe there’s a committee that’s interested in taking up more discussion on the issue we addressed last meeting such as different alternatives. I don’t want to let it die without this board coming to a final conclusion on whether or not there’s anything they are or aren’t willing to do for this family. Trustee Matthesius mentioned that Clerk Messina pulled something off the internet. Clerk Messina: It’s a company that specifically comes out for autistic children providing protection inside and outside of the home. Attorney Shaw: Out of courtesy I don’t think it’s a recommendation I think you could certainly give that to her. It’s probably good policy for this Village to just continue that conversation and whatever you guys ultimately decide, you know that is completely and entirely up to you but I think it would probably make sense to at least get it in front of a committee that can discuss it and get some meeting minutes reflecting that. Maybe make a recommendation or no recommendation back to the board for action. There are a few alternative options I really don’t think a sign is it but maybe if, I don’t know I think there is discussion to be had on that I don’t think that that’s the answer to the problem. A matter of fact I went through a couple other policies that different municipalities have with regard to special request for traffic control primarily for slowing traffic down. Crystal Lake specifically will not do those signs; they just will not do them. They do consider alternatives primarily speed humps different from speed bumps that was one option the other option obviously consideration for a special use permit for putting a fence in the front yard. Outside of that I’m not sure how we really affectively slow traffic down maybe a blinking speed sign but I don’t think any of the neighbors are going to want that blinking out there in their front yard. Trustee Walter: A variance is the only thing I could think of. Attorney Shaw: If that’s a route you want to explore a bit I really think that we could come up with something that could pass the smell test that basically was a special use permit to allow that fence to be placed in the front yard and it would have to be removed if they move, it would be a temporary use so that would be an option too. My recommendation would be to take one of your committees, get in front of the committee and have a discussion on it. Trustee Matthesius: What about the other signs? It was brought up a couple of times and if that keeps being brought into the mix. President Shepit: We will be working on that and taking them down. Attorney Shaw: Himself and President Shepit talked earlier today and she will be reaching out to get your opinions but it has to do with a. He was contacted by a potential end user for one of the properties on McCullom Lake Road they want to do the same use but intensify it a little bit, basically lay out all of the potential negatives about the operation. If they put the bad stuff out there first and the Village says hey we could live with that then everything else is going to go just fine. Right now that person wishes to remain anonymous and for the board to use discretion. President Shepit will bring this up to the board when there’s more information.

Finance: Trustee Bogacz: She is looking into the aspects of a used pickup truck for Paul to use for the Village. So she’s just making everyone aware that there is going to be an expenditure coming up. Attorney Shaw: Something to keep in mind with that though is whether or not they’re going to put that referendum before the McHenry voters if the abolition of the Township is on the agenda because if that occurs you might as well try to find. Trustee Matthesius: They are putting that on the ballot. It’s going to be because we voted to put it on the ballot in March. President Shepit: No, for getting rid of Township. If the Township Road District goes away we will be plowing and we will have no truck so that is something to think about and we would need a truck. Trustee Walter: Or we sub it out. President Shepit: Even if we had another company come in and do it we would be paying a heck of a lot more so we would need a Village truck to help keep down the expenses. Trustee Bogacz: I’m just trying to make everyone aware and that we are in need of this and we’ve put it off for a couple of years already.

Roads: Trustee Walter: There’s a lamppost in the yard over by Parkview and Orchard. President Shepit: It’s been gone since last Friday. We had the bulb of one of the street lights that fell last year at Eastwood and Parkview and Com-Ed came out and fixed it and then she got a call from Lori that there is a light fixture that should be on the pole but it’s laying on the side of the road at Parkview and Orchard. She called Com-Ed and told them this is the second time that this has happened and this could be very dangerous if it were to hit someone. There’s also a section in the Village were some homes keep losing power and Com-Ed still hasn’t swapped out the old lights for the LED ones yet. So Com-Ed is working on getting these issues resolved but that particular light has been fixed. Also the pole with the wires still on it when Comcast takes their stuff down off of that pole, Com-Ed will come and take it but right now they can’t do anything until Comcast does their part.

Audience: Glenn saw a bunch of trucks out in front of Tony’s old house. President Shepit stated that they are getting ready to fix it up. There was also an issue that the septic was never abandoned and a permit came through for that to be filled in. Lori got a call about the golf carts and she gets a lot of complaints about the golf carts sitting there and someone has offered $1000.00 for both. Attorney Shaw: They’ve already been advertised, they’ve already been bid on, we’ve opened it up, we’ve been run around by a half a dozen people so whatever you guys want to do you’re authorized to do it. You’ve already made all the necessary declarations it’s not on the agenda but I mean essentially there’s been an offer that’s come in up to a prior approved process. Trustee Bogacz made a motion to sell both golf carts for $1000.00; seconded by Trustee Given. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor motion carried. Treasurer Brandt let everyone know that the handicapped doors are now in operation.

Old Business: Amend Section 5.8 Building & Regulations – Trustee Matthesius made a motion to approve Ordinance #522 to Amend Section 5.8 Building & Regulations; seconded by Trustee Given. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor, motion carried.

New Business: Approve Annual Audit - Trustee Bogacz made a motion to approve the annual audit; seconded by Trustee Walter. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor, motion carried.

Ratify the Purchase of Police Squad Computer not to exceed $1500.00. Trustee Bogacz made a motion to approve the ratification for the squad computer; seconded by Trustee Fritz. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor, motion carried.

Approval to pay any other December bills that come up after the bills are approved at the December 10th meeting. Trustee Walter made a motion for the approval of the bills after the December 10th meeting; seconded by Trustee Given. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor, motion carried.

Discussion: Neighbors Helping Neighbors next meeting is December 3rd, 2019 at The Knoll at 6:00 P.M. December 7th is the Trolley ride with caroling. December 8th, 2019 is the annual Children’s Christmas Party from 12:00 to 3:00 P.M. Toy for Tots for children in need please see Froggie.

The MCCOG dinner is on December 11th, please sign up in the office if you are going.

Trustee Walter made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:48 P.M.; seconded by Trustee Fritz. Voice vote: Bogacz, Fritz, Given, Matthesius, Walter=ayes. All in favor, motion carried.

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